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What We Do

“If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don't hoard it. Don't dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly, like a millionaire intent on going broke” Brenda Francis

Mira Bhayandar Inter School Festival

Mira Bhayandar inter-school Festival was started as a small event in Mira-Bhayandar at its inception in 2001. Yet, in the very first year, our event attracted around 2000 students from 16 schools of Mira-Bhayander. In 2002, the participation of students increased incredibly to 6000 from 45 various schools of Mira Bhayander, and the same high participation followed in 2003, and 2004. Students participated in various events like Essay and Poem Writing, Drawing, Caricature, Erase -n- Create, Flowerpot Painting, Flower Arrangement, Theme Based Script, Elocution, Group Discussion, Debate, Solo Dance, Folk Dance, Hand Writing, Classical Instrument, Quiz, and Science Exhibition.

Honorary Cricket Coaching To Develop School Cricket Team

CCC is fully aware of the protocols followed in India and the standards set by MCA & BCCI for playing at higher level. CCC realized the importance of coaching school teams

A College Of Art Concepts To Unearth The Future Hussain's & Laxmans

What We Do Champions foundation


A theme is provided on the spot, accordingly, students have to put down their ideas in form of a drawing, within the stipulated time.

What We Do Champions foundation


A text is written on Board or a Printed copy of the text is provided to participants in languages They are required to copy down the same in the said time limit.

What We Do Champions foundation


Students are free to project the problems or situations in the current environment, in humorous form i.e. using cartoon or comic strips. Only pencil sketch, no colors.

What We Do Champions foundation


A fresh pot is to be painted, strictly using colors only of any type. The task is to be accomplished at a venue within the time limit.

What We Do Champions foundation


Based on a particular Caption, as per students' wish they are required to arrange flowers on the spot, so as to display their creative ideas and novel thoughts.

Outpourings Of the Human Mind Yet Roaming In The Unfettered Idylls of Childhood

Students are required to write an essay of 300-600words within a time limit in any of the following languages English, Hindi, Marathi, or Gujarati. The topic is given on the spot. The essay should bring out creative thoughts and futuristic ideas as well.
A theme/topic is provided on the spot, based on which poem of 2-6 stanzas, is to be created in any of the following languages-English, Hindi, Marathi, or Gujarati. The poem must be original and not copied.
Topics are given in advance based on which students have to prepare a speech of around one minute in any of the 4 languages- English, Hindi, Marathi, or Gujarati. For the final round maximum time limit is 5 minutes. It's the verbal presentation of ideas.

An Introduction To The Inspiration That Comes Straight From The Mysterious

Theme Based Script
A theme in form of a portrait or picture is shown to the participants; they are required to develop a script or story based on the same within the time limit.
Quiz Competition
Team of 3 students is given a set of questions for the elimination round. Five teams get qualified for the finals. Thereafter different rounds based on various fields of knowledge are conducted. In case of a tie, there will be a tie-breaker question for respective teams. Rules are announced as per the rounds.

A Dive Into A Deluge Of Colour, A Tryst With Poetry In Motion, The Display Of Spiritual Entropy

Folk Dance

Group of 7-9 students is to perform a folk. Dance so performed should represent a particular region or theme.

Classical Instrument

a) Tabla, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Dholak & Harmonium will be allowed for the competition.
b) Participants are responsible to bring their performing instrument.

Group Song

Group of students has to sing a patriotic song (compulsorily), which can be accomplished by Tabla, Harmonium & any mini instrument (An electronic instrument is not allowed). Performance should not exceed five minutes

Your Chance To See Some Serious Contender For Nasa

Teams of a maximum of five students is to exhibit a project, based on laws of science. They will be provided an electric supply, water as well as a table of 4x4.

Science Exhibition 85%
Resources Used 55%
Team Of Five Students 70%

Schools & Teachers' Role In Nurturing Competitive Spirit

It is said, and rightfully so, that more can be learned from a teacher than from hundred books. A student looks to the teacher as a lighthouse to guide her through the stormy uncertainties of youth. The student places complete trust in the directions of the teacher. The teacher earns this exalted position in the mind of the student by sheer commitment to her role as the sole provider to the student. We are, today, what we are owing to the force called 'teacher' indeed, the teacher is the force, the motivation, and the shining star for the student who looks to it continually for direction. The Champions' Sports and Cultural Foundation looks forward to the teacher, every teacher to give momentum to our work by inspiring every student to participate. We look forward to being helped by teachers in helping every student to identify her strengths and build upon them.